Utilities and Services

Trash Disposal 

All trash must be properly disposed of by placement into the building's trash chute. Residents must contact the Management office for information regarding the removal of any cardboard boxes, cartons, and other debris with cannot be effectively placed in the trash chute. 

Gas, Water, A/C and Heating

Each Unit Owner is provided gas, water, a/c and heating by the building. The charge for such services are incurred through Unit Owner's monthly assessment charge. 



Each Unit Owner is responsible for supplying and paying for electricity within their individual unit. 

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Internet and Cable

33 West Ontario Condominium Association has a bulk internet and cable agreement with Comcast XFINITY for each residential unit that includes the following services:

XFINITY Digitial Starter Channel Lineup

1 (one) - X1 HD DVR (High Defintion Digital Video Recorder)

XFINITY Internet Blast & 1-wireless modem (speeds up to 75 Mbps)

*Any additional boxes, channels or services would fall outside of     the provided service from the building and would therefore be       the responsibility of the resident. If you are in need of setting up   an account, please contact Comcast at 1-800-XFINITY. 

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